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ileava jewelry

All ileava jewelry is handmade by a Japanese designer/creator, Maya, at her store in the heart of Tokyo, Harajuku Omote-sando.
From the whimsical and playful world Maya created, where a teddy bear and his friends await to hug your finger, various elements, such as plants and elements of the sky, are picked out to become ileava jewelry.

The Gems

The gems and diamonds listed on this site are inventory from our partner Misfit Diamonds & Gems.
"Misfit" is Gem/Diamond library shared by jewelry designers around the world. We are
excited to be the first jewelry designer in Asia to share this library with hundreds of ethically sourced diamonds and sapphires with you.

About ileava x Misfit

How to order

You can either purchase a loose stone or create a bespoke piece.

To order a bespoke jewelry.

  • Add your desired gem/diamond to your cart along with your design selection from our Customizable Ring Collection, or choose the "For Other Bespoke Jewelry" option when purchasing a stone for other bespoke jewelry.
  • We will send you an email within two business days after your purchase to discuss the design details.
  • After our initial email communication, give us 10~14 days to work on a WAX model. The WAX model shows how the stone will look on the ring.
  • Please allow 3~4 weeks for completion after the design agreement on the WAX model.

Purchasing loose stones.

  • Please choose the "As a loose stone" option when purchasing.
  • Loose stones usually ship in 1-4 weeks.
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